Hi,Greetings from ARA- style to all emotions,Proudly brings to you the finest and most popular name in designer perfumery, oudh wood/ agar wood, fragrant oils and the most exotic fragrances, Asghar Ali.

Asgharali Perfumes, founded in 1924 by The Late Asghar Ali , is one of the leading brands in the world of
Arabic perfumery.
Rooted in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the brand is recognized for its innovation and
impeccable craftsmanship.
Asgharali has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and
retailers of perfumes with over 100 company owned and franchised retail outlets in the Middle East
and South Asia and over 40 distributors worldwide.

Decades of research in the art and technique of extracting pure oils from natural substances helpedthe company to create a wide variety of attar and fragrances which are a blend of tradition and
modernism. The product portfolio consists of Perfume sprays, Fragrant oils (attar), Skin care
products, Toiletries, Incense burners (mubkhar), Aqua based fresheners, Oudh and Bakhoor.

Asgharali was launched in India officially at the Indian international trade Fair (IITF) on November 2016 and then again in IITF 2017
New Delhi, under the umbrella of ARA. The brand was also introduced at the Professional Beauty
Mumbai Exhibition, India, which was conducted in September 2016 in Mumbai.

With state-of- the-art technology and thorough knowledge of the essence of herbs, flowers and woods,Asgharali has been successful in formulating eastern mystique fragrances such as Dehn-Al- oud,Amber, Musk, Rose, Jasmine, Sandal and Saffron.
These fragrances have tailored in numerous forms including natural concentrated oils, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and creams which sets as a
benchmark of the brand. Asgharali has also diversified into western style perfumes to appeal to a
wider variety of consumers.

Perfume Sprays by Asgharali are broadly categorised as Arabic Sprays and Western /FrenchSprays and fragrant oils which are made with variety of high quality essential solvents also have Arabic and Western categorization.
Asgharali  include cosmetics comprising of the customary solid  perfumes and lotions with an edible oriental sensation.

The company is poised for continuous exponential growth with the development of partnerships with interested parties for global distribution, franchise and online sales. In order to keep pace with the ever changing trends in the market, the company continues to invest heavily in R&D to create new fragrances and attractive packaging. Asgharali strives to discover, develop and deliver fragrances from the world`s best kept reservoirs.

Shipped Right from the docks of Bahrain, the most beloved perfume brand across the middle east & Europe, is now just a click away. From Cedarwood to Cinnamon, Asghar Ali has not left out a single essence that is not available in the lap of mother nature. Ara exclusives is one of the most emerging names in the life style sector, ranging from apparel to designer fragrances & perfumes from Bahrain, we provide you with a style for any and every emotion.

We solemnly pledge to bring nothing but the finest essences  from mother nature and premium quality designer apparels that will bring bright smile on your face ever time you shop with us.